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Aurelia's Features

Postby Bambi » Wed Feb 23, 2011 11:54 pm

This informations are not Final, some of them can be changed during tests or to improve gameplay.

Changes will be listed here, if you don't see other features - it meand they are retail like.




Main Class + 3 Subclasses + 1 Stacked Class

Detailed informations about Stacked Class HERE


Exp/SP/Adena: x15

Spoil: x3


Save: +3 (+4 Full Body)

Max: +16

Chance: 66%


Spawn Protection

Drop Protection


Armor/Weapon Mastery can't be stacked

Totems and Fist Fury works only with Double Fists

Angelic Icon or Zealot - can't be used in same time


Waiting time decreased

After finished Match players are teleported back to Town automaticaly

Players got full Heal after teleport to Arena

Disconnected player automaticaly loose.

IP protection

Mutants (Subclass + Stacked Class) can't join Olympiad

Informations will be updated with time. Remember that those information are not final and can be changed somehow.

# Can you explain how that Stack Class System works?

Stacked Class - it's additional Class which you can add to one of your retail Class, skills from that additional Class will be connected with you retail Class.

Stacked Class you can add only ONE TIME, so be carefoul and think three times before you will add it.

Stacked Class available for you - Classes from same race as your Main Class.

So, here examples:

You can add Stacked Class to your Main Class and you will have 2 Classes in 1 for Olympiad. Same race - remember that.


You can add Stacked Class to one of your retail Subclass.

For retail Subclass you can take any Class you want, but remember about restrictions - Dark Elf can't add Elf's Classes and viceversa. Also Craft and OL can't be added as Subclass.

So, you can have a Mutant. Example:

Your Main Class is Titan, as Subclass you have added EE, and as Stacked Class you have added OL to EE. You will have EE/OL with Titan's Skin.

# What about Skin? Is it changed when I'm switching between Stacked Class and Retail Class?

If you will add Stacked Class to you Main Class - skin will be changed after switching.


You are Paladin on Main Class and you have added as Stacked Class PP. If you will switch to PP from Paladin, your skinn will change to Human Mystic.

Skin is not changed when you are switching from Retain Subclass to Stacked Class.

# How can I get Stacked Class?

You have 3 ways to do that. First way is to get drop from Raid Boss. There are 6 Raid Bosses placed in the whole World.

Second way is to do a Quest, more details about that Quest later.

The last way is to buy needed item from other player.

# What about Level of Subclass or Stacked Class?

Stacked Class will have 69 Level, same as retail Subclass.

# Can I delete the Stacked Class?

No, once added, you can't remove it.

Try it amigos nao se vao arrepender Smiley abraço
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